The Miracle of
Isabella Pippie Kruger

Isabella Pippie Kruger

On New Year's Eve Pippie was playing in the garden, while her family was having a braai (barbeque) just like many other South African families did that day. In a split second their lives were changed, when the bottle of fire-lighter gel exploded in her daddy's hands (Erwin Kruger).

The flames hit her and she sustained 3rd degree burns over 80% of her 2 year old little body. Her daddy's hands also sustained bad burns, but he has healed well in the mean time.

Isabella after the accident

June 11th 2012

5 Heart Attacks, Kidney Failure, Pneumonia, More Than 45 Operations

Only Given a 10% Chance of Survival...

This little girl has just about beaten every odd there could be against her. She's made history and is a living miracle!

Isabella Kruger made headlines all over the world, when she received a skin transplant, first of it's kind in South Africa. They had sent two 2cm x 6cm pieces of her unburnt, healthy skin to a lab in Boston (Genzyme) so that they could grow new skin using her own stem cells.

Her new skin was then transplanted and it's been a success, 90% to be exact. That alone is a miracle in itself, especially since she was only given a 10% chance of survival.

Even though her heart stopped beating five times, her kidneys failed, she had pneumonia and had to receive 87 units of blood products, she kept fighting back. Her mother, Anice Kruger, was the one who did the research and fought until the doctors here agreed to try this kind of skin transplant. Dr Ridwan Mia did online conferences with the doctor's in America in order to do the transplant as it differs in some ways from normal skin transplants.

Pippie SMS

Sending an SMS using the word "Pippie"

to the number 42539

will donate R30 to the

Pippie se Gesiggie Foundation

the Trust Fund the family started for their little girl as well as other burn victims.

(South Africa Only)

Sending an SMS using the word "Pippie"

to the number 42539

will donate R30 to the

Pippie se Gesiggie Foundation

the Trust Fund the family started for their little girl as well as other burn victims.

(South Africa Only)

July 4th 2012

On day 185, she was moved to the Netcare Rehabilitation Center in Auckland Park, Johannesburg after spending more than 6 months in the high care unit of the Netcare Garden City Hospital. Here she received all kinds of therapies to help her on her road to recovery.

She has been doing so well, that everyone, including the doctors and medical personnel taking care of her, stand in awe. And she was even able to go "home" 5 months earlier than expected!

September 14th 2012

A big day for the Kruger family!

Pippie Going Home

Pippie is now being treated as an out-patient and is able to live with her mom in a house in Linden,  Johannesburg.

And all of this on her Daddy's birthday!

She'll go into the Centre daily and receive her speech, occupational and hydrotherapies three times a week as well as hyperbaric chamber treatments. Mom Anice says that she gets to enjoy weekends with her family once again.

October 10th 2012

It's been almost a month and she is doing amazingly well! Mom Anice has taken her off the medications and is treating her with natural remedies instead.

She's still receiving physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and dry needling to relieve muscle pain three times a week. Also laser treatment on her face and hyperbaric chamber treatments.

Pippie Smiling

Her brain is starting to heal itself according to Dr. Mia, her plastic surgeon. She can now sit on her own, turn herself around and bend her arms and legs more.

Where she once used to moan and cry a lot because of being uncomfortable, she now lies there smiling at mom. She has also gained 2kg (4.4 lbs) this past month.

Pippie Scar Under Arm

December 18th 2012

Isabella has surgery to remove a scar under her left arm that has been limiting her movement and usage of the arm.

January 23rd 2013

A new smile for this precious little girl. As a result of the constant itching and pain, she gnawed some of her teeth away. Until her permanent teeth comes out, she will wear a mouth piece.

She is also wearing glasses to help correct her left eye's weakend muscle and her mom Anice says she prays that this will prevent surgery on the eye.

It's something to get used to and the glasses gives her headaches, but from following her amazing journey, I know she'll push through this discomfort as well and the end results will be great!

February 22nd 2013

Celiwe Maseko and her Mom
Pippie se Gesiggie Foundation

is makin it's first donation!

Celiwe Maseko, a 5 year old girl, sustained third degree burns to 35% of her body. Her thighs, stomach, back and neck were burned when her dress caught on fire after a burning match fell on it.

Her mother, Katlego Maseko told Beeld that she didn't think there was any hope for her daughter. But now Celiwe will have the same high-tech skin transplant as Pippie and a better chance of having a normal life.

To read the letter Anice wrote regarding Celiwe and how to contribute to the fund in order to help this little girl and future burn victims, click here.

Pippie Se Gesiggie Fonds

C.A Kruger
Spaar 1478169228

April 25th 2013

Pippie Kruger, Dr Ridwan Mia and Celiwe Maseko

Little Celiwe's surgery went very well. She is only the second person of colour in the world to have received this type of skin transplant!

For 7 days she is also kept under sedation to sleep, so that the skin has time to attach properly. Her transplant was very nearly derailed because of the recent bombings that took place in Boston, but once again, the Lord provided and everything proceeded as planned.

April 27th 2013

Dr Ridwan Mia, the plastic and reconstructive surgeon who did Pippie's and Celiwe's skin transplants, was honoured today for his ground breaking work.

He received a National Order - The Order of the Boabab - from South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, to acknowledge his contribution to medicine in SA.

We salute you Dr Mia!

June 9th 2013

Isabella celebrates her 4th birthday!!!! On Facebook her mom wrote that it is through God's grace and Pippie's strong fighting spirit that they are able to celebrate another year of her life. And wow, what a year it's been for this amazing little person.

Pippie's 4th Birthday

Happy Happy Birthday Pippie!!

So what next?

Have a look at the second year after her life changing surgery.

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